If your child tested positive for COVID 19 and participates in sports

 Anyone who had a positive COVID-19 test should get their doctor’s approval before returning to exercise or sports. They need a minimum 10-day period to rest, without exercise or competition. 

 Before returning to physical activity, children should be screened for heart symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue,  irregular heartbeat  , or  fainting  . A child with a positive heart screening will need an EKG and referral to a pediatric cardiologist for possible additional cardiac tests. 

 Once   cleared, the child can start a   g   radual return to physical activity.   The doctor will recommend a schedule b   ased on the child's age and   h   ow severe th   eir   COVID-19 sympt   oms were. 

 Children who were very sick from COVID-19 or diagnosed with  MIS-C  must be treated as though they have an inflamed heart muscle (  myocarditis  ). They should not exercise or compete for 3 to 6 months. A pediatric cardiologist should examine these children before they are allowed to return to exercise or competition. 


 We live in the age of technology. We offer televisits for patients, this is done in the privacy of the providers office. We understand that parents want to document children's milestones, that being said, filming in our office is not allowed. This is for the privacy of our staff and other patients. We appreciate your cooperation. 

Please note our office hours have been updated.
See patient information for our office and financial policies, also refer to the dropdown insurance/payment link.
Patients under the age of 18 years must come to each office visit with a parent, legal guardian, or authorized representative (see patient information dropdown select patient forms and you will find the authorized representative form)

We ask that you review our website for helpful information on scheduling, finding required forms, and other useful items.

 About medical forms 

All forms will take 1-2 weeks to be completed.

Our practice provides a copy of your child’s visit, at each preventative exam. Please make a copy/photo for your records.

Each form is reviewed by our staff and providers. It is NOT JUST A SIGNATURE.

Our practice has a policy that has been in place since 2013. There is a $5.00* per form fee. This also includes printing out school forms. We scan them in as a courtesy but we are not required to keep them as part of the medical record.

We appreciate your understanding and advanced planning. This time of year, can be very busy. Please allow for this and plan accordingly.

*starting Tuesday September 4, 2018 form fees must be paid AT the time we RECEIVE the form(s).

We will not work on forms until payment is received. If you wish your form(s) to be mailed out please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

 All pediatric patients require a parent, legal guardian or authorized adult at 
 each and every visit 
 Our practice requires that patients under the age of 18 years be accompanied by a responsible adult who can communicate with our providers and staff all healthcare concerns. If you are sending a representative we require the following. Go to the patients information drop down and select patient forms. The very first form is you authorizing this person to represent you on the child's behalf. We also ask that person come with any pertinent health information, form of payment and questions that you have, as well a telephone number where we may reach you. This person should be able to communicate with you in regards to everything that traspired at the visit. 
 Please see the same drop down for forms that you need to fill out for preventative (well) exams.  Please see the services drop down for important information about prescription refills. 

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